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Connected Car App Prazo to Disrupt Auto Leasing and Make Car Ownership Fun and Easy

Los Angeles (November 16, 2015)Prazo (, a connected car company, unveiled its mobile app at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Prazo simplifies the complexity of car acquisition and ownership by offering an innovative app for auto leasing, maintenance and mobility services.

Launching in Los Angeles in Q1 2016, Prazo is an app-based mobility concierge that makes ordering - and owning - a car simple, intuitive and frictionless. With few steps and without going to the dealership, the user can lease a brand new car for a 24-month term.

Prazo is first to market with an automotive transportation solution that addresses the millennials’ demand for convenience and connectivity, the OEMs’ desire for a younger market, and to dealers, a qualified channel for sales.

Jon Alain Guzik, Prazo’s founder, explains the company’s unique approach to ownership, “Today’s consumers demand connected and instantaneous access to everything. The automotive leasing market has been slow to adapt and we’re here to change that with a host of awesome services.”

Using embedded tech and telemetry architecture and a featuring a broad network of corporate partners, including on-demand roadside assistance company Urgently and the largest Ford dealership in the world, Galpin Motors, Prazo leverages its technology and connectivity to provide an ownership experience that aligns with the new lifestyle of young consumers.

For a low monthly fee, Prazo provides not only basic leasing terms but also includes luxury perks like concierge, transportation, delivery services, smart maintenance and remote monitoring. Prazo’s concierge services will deliver outdoor gear, location-based ‘treats’ and other material perks directly to a user’s car.

Prazo has seen significant traction with investors and corporate partners and is poised to close a Series-A investment in Q1, 2016. Prazo has already been recognized by the Los Angeles Auto Show as a promising enterprise in mobility and connectivity and will be featured in the Nokia Growth Partners Innovation Zone at the Connected Car Expo on November 16, 2015.

About Prazo
Prazo (
is a Los Angeles-based transportation company that bridges the gap between technology, commerce and lifestyle via the mobile app. Working with a network of partners, Prazo creates a multi-mode transportation solution that combines leasing with rideshare, flex rental, on-demand and lifestyle services. Prazo removes the complexity of car ownership by making the process simple, intuitive and fun. Think of Prazo as your personal mobility concierge. For more info, go to,

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